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The Basement Outreach Ministires could not have accomplished what we have over the past six years without the support of donors and volunteers like you. Your Donation helps us ensure we can continue, Giving the Hopeless, Hope! Giving the Hungry a warm meal! And above all, Reach…. Rescue…. Restore with the ultimate purpose of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and seeing lives changed.  Please consider making a donation or volunteering your time,  to our cause! 


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The Basement Outreach Ministries, Inc. and God’s Refuge House has established a Volunteer Program Minimum Operating Standards and a process for the organizational structure on June 1, 2017. This program outlined below is to be used as a guide for all service areas, facilities and for office volunteer programs. 


The mission of the Basement Outreach Ministries, Inc.  is to facilitate immediate Christ-focused interventions for low to moderate income families of the Greater Warren, Ohio community.  Specifically, The Basement provides support including meals, food distribution, non-perishable food/clothing/personal hygiene products distribution, shelter assistance, mentoring and referrals community services to the homeless, addicted, mentally ill, aged, and at-risk, underprivileged children.


Communication, cooperation, collaboration, individual/family service and confidence are the principles of The Basement Outreach Ministries, Inc. and God’s Refuge House.

Communication: Keeping people informed; listening actively; being open and accessible; and ensuring that we are accurate, timely, and complete in all we say and write.

Cooperation: willingness to work with others in good faith; assisting them and accepting assistance from them.

Collaboration: A willingness and ability to combine talents, knowledge and resources with others to create true partnerships.

Individual/Family Services: Responding to our individuals and families in a respectful, timely, and effective manner.

Confidence: All volunteer work is done with commitment and professionalism, through accountable programs and accurate systems.


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